PayPal Login My Account: Sign in to PayPal Account (How To)

Log on to PayPal Account

1. To log in to PayPal account you should use the login button on the top right part of the site Just click login and you will see two fields for login and password. 

2. If you can’t log in to PayPal account you should check If your login and password correct or not. Check a language and caps lock button on the keyboard.

If you still can’t sign in to PayPal, it is possible you mixed up or forgot your login or password of your profile. To recover your login click on a special mark “?” and you will get the form for password recovery.

Login PayPal

If you unable to recall certain areas of Login information, mark I don’t know my password or I don’t know what email address I used. PayPal will quickly provide you a renewed component login data.

If you can’t to remember both – login and password, mark I don’t know either one and you will see three fields for Email addresses. Enter all possible Email addresses you may have used to create your PayPal account.

Can't log in Paypal?


One of common problems with PayPal account emerges when PayPal automatically fill your login field with your E-mail, entered sometimes by mistake in this field. Note: if your E-mail login field was filled up automatically, it is not automatically true that data is correct!

Another possible situation is when the login field don’t accept your E-mail. It is actual for some older accounts where user names were commonly used instead of E-mails. Therefore, if you have a trouble with old or incorrect E-mail as a PayPal login, just use your account name (for example "MaryAccount") instead.

Note for eBay users: For now, PayPal and eBay are the two separate companies. Please check the changes of the policy from both companies according to relations with each other partner! uickly provide you a renewed component login data.

Log in to PayPal account automatically with a Handy Password manager

To log in to account PayPal with a single click, please do the following:

  • Download and install Handy Password;
  • Turn on Handy Password toolbar in Internet Explorer/Firefox;
  • Go to the;
  • Type in your PayPal username and password;
  • Click the "Save" button on the Handy Password toolbar;
  • Check the "Show on Toolbar" checkbox in the opened "Save card" dialog;
  • Press "Enter" and sign in to PayPal.

From now, to login to PayPal account automatically, just click on the "PayPal - Login" button on the Handy Password toolbar.

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