How to Create Access for Nordea Internet Banking


a) Type in your browser Nordea internet bank's website. If you phone them, somebody answers the phone will know. It can be that anyone at the bank will support you through creating an internet account. If not, it's simple.

b) Create an online account. You will need a user name and password. Your login may be anything you imagine. It can be your real first name, a alias or a made up name. As long as you may keep in mind it, it makes no issues. So you demand a reliable password. The pass is what gives you rights to your account. Make your password a combination of letters and symbols that only you and another holders of your bank account know. Don't leave your password on a gummy note and put in around your computer screen. Don't keep it to your table. And do not ever send it to anyone who asks, whether on the telephone or in your email. Even if the asker asserts he is from your bank, he is not. He attempts to get admission to your Nordea internet bank account. Secure your password and send it to no one.

c) Pick your monthly bills together. All the invoices you would usually pay with a ticket, cover and stamp are now going to get paid virtually.

d) Go to Nordea internet bank's site. You will see dozens of choices there. Select and click on the one that has "Set up auto invoice pay". You may have to click on "Customer Service" first and then "Create bill pay". Once you see the bill pay page, look up "Add Payee".

e) You will now find a picture with a dollar sign in front of it. Input the sum of the invoice you are repaying. Be sure to type all number in definitely as you see it on the invoice. Be confident your decimal point is in the correct place. You do not dream to forward the utility service $2400 if you only owe them $240. The computer monitor looks much like a bill. You have a transferee, a sum and a line to set the charge.

f) Now enter the date you wish the cash to transfer at your creditor's office. Commonly enter the date it is due as you see it on the screen. At times this is a weekend or day off. Just keep creating the date a day before until it is accepted by the computer. Do this for each bill you wish to pay.

g) Write the transaction down in your check book if you want to have a paper data.

h) Every time, you can go back to your internet bank account and see what you need paid and if it has been sent yet. Commonly you can know your current sum. Opportunities are you may obtain applications online as well and even receive a weekly email message notifying you what activity took place in the past 24 hours and your bank balance. Nordea internet banking is handy and saves you much required money at the same time.

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