How to Use SBI Internet Banking

Step by step instruction:

a) Open SBI internet bank's site. If you phone them, somebody responds the telephone will know. It may be that someone at the bank will help you through creating an online login. If not, it's easy.

b) Create an internet account. You will create a user name and password. Your login can be anything you like. It can be your real name, a nickname or a fictional name. As long as you can remember it, it does no issues. Then you demand a reliable password. The password is what provides you entrance to your account. Create your password a slip of letters and symbols that exclusively you and another owners of your bank account know. Don't save your password on a gummy note and keep in around your notebook monitor. Don't put it to your desk. And do not never give it to anyone who requires, whether on the phone or in your email. Even as if the person asserts he is from your bank, he is not. He is trying to gain rights to your SBI internet bank account. Safeguard your password and show it to no one.

c) Collect your weekly invoices together. All the bills you would generally pay with a ticket, cover and stamp are now going to get paid electronically.

d) Go to SBI internet bank's site. You will find set of options there. Select and click on the one that provides "Create auto invoice pay". You can have to click on "Client Solution" first and then "Set up bill pay". Once you see the bill pay section, look up "Create Payee".

e) You will now see a button with a dollar sign in front of it. Input the number of the invoice you are repaying. Be sure to put each characters in precisely as you watch it on the bill. Be sure your denary sign is in the right position. You do not want to pass the utility service $1000 if you only have to them $100. The notebook screen looks much like a check. You have a recipient of payment, a total and a line to put the expense.

f) Now input the date you wish the dollars to transfer at your creditor's office. Normally enter the date it is due as you see it on the screen. Sometimes this is a weekend or day off. Just hold creating the date a day earlier until it is accepted by the computer. Do this for each bill you want to pay.

g) Write the process down in your check book if you wish to keep a paper record.

h) Every moment, you can return back to your internet bank account and discover what you need paid and if it has been sent yet. As a rule you may see your current sum. Chances are you can receive applications online as well and even get a daily email message telling you what transactions took place in the past 24 hours and your bank balance. SBI internet banking is handy and saves you much required money at the same moment.

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