How to Login to ICICI Internet Banking


a) Find ICICI internet bank's site. If you phone them, somebody responds the telephone will know. It may be that one at the bank will talk you through setting up an internet login. If not, it's handy.

b) Set up an internet login. You will require a user name and pass. Your login may be any you want. It can be your own last name, a virtual name or a fictional name. As long as you can remember it, it does no distinction. Now you need a password. The password is what gives you entrance to your account. Create your password a combination of letters and numbers that only you and other managers of your bank account know. Don't write your password on a sticky paper and keep in around your laptop monitor. Don't put it to your table. And do not never give it to anyone who claims, whether on the cell phone or in your mail. Even as if the person tells he is from your bank, he is not. He intends to get admission to your ICICI internet bank account. Secure your password and show it to no one.

c) Pick your monthly invoices together. All the bills you would ordinarily pay with a ticket, envelope and stamp are now going to get paid electronically.

d) You will now connect transferees to your internet checkbook. You will find cells that need the payees name, address and your bank account size. Be confident you add the bank account number correctly. You will doubtless be requested twice for each bank account number just to make sure you added it rightly. You do not wish your payment to go to the wrong bank account. After you have done this, you will pay your bills. Click on "Pay Invoices". One at a time, click on the name of each invoice you wish to pay.

e) You will now see a picture with a dollar sign in front of it. Type the sum of the bill you are repaying. Be sure to input all characters in definitely as you watch it on the bill. Be confident your denary sign is in the correct place. You do not desire to transfer the program service $3300 if you only have to them $330. The laptop monitor looks much like a check. You have a transferee, a total and a row to set the expense.

f) Click on "Transfer". You will have an opportunity to view what you have entered. If you are satisfied with all your invoice payments, submit them. If you wish to modify one, you will have that opportunity. When you sure you are correct, click the submit button the final moment.

g) Write the operation down in your bill book if you wish to keep a paper data.

h) At any moment, you can return back to your internet bank account and see what you have paid and if it has been sent yet. Commonly you may know your current sum. Opportunities are you can obtain records online as well and even get a daily email message telling you what processes took place in the past 24 hours and your current balance. ICICI internet banking is easy and saves you much required dollars at the same time.

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