ADP Login: Get Access to ADP Products

ADP login is your access to a variety of ADP products - ADP Portal, iPayStatements, RUN and ezLaborManager. These are some of solutions (but not all) that will be in your hands just after you register and get ADP login.

Go to ADP official website and click on the red button "User Logins" in the upper right corner. There you'll see a list of all ADP logins. On the top of the page popular logins are presented. Scroll down and you'll find all other available logins. Most popular logins are:

  • ADP iPay login for iPayStatements allows you to view, print, and save an electronic copy of your pay statements.
  • ADP ezLabor login gives an access to ezLaborManager - time and attendance for small business and midsized business.
  • ADP run login - payroll and tax services for any small business. Doing payroll gives an ability to pay employees wherever they are, to reduce time and money spent on payroll administration and more. Also ADP TaxHelps you minimize employment-related tax.
  • ADP portal login. With ADP portal login you can access listed above functions - iPay, tax information and other financial tools.
ADP Login - Screenshot of ADP website
Screenshot of ADP website

Near every product there are buttons for ADP administrator login and ADP employee login.

If you don't have ADP login yet then click "Register as New User" button near product you want to start using.

You'll be asked to enter registration code that is provided by your organization or ADP. Follow the instructions to get login and password. Once you registered, you'll be able to enjoy a variety of ADP features. Get ADP login and view your pay information with applications suitable for any occasion.