Password Manager - Handy Password for Automatic Login to Websites

Most users would like to automatically login to any website they visit, but they don't want their passwords to be saved in the browsers because this allows other people to login to their mail and business accounts. That is very true, it is not recommended to save your data in the browsers because this way your data are not secure. However, if you use a password manager, your data always stay secure while you still can automatically login to any website or web service.

Handy Password is a password manager for Windows that allows you to fill in and submit any web forms that you happen to stumble upon on the Internet. The procedure is very simple: before you start surfing the web, you launch the password manager for Windows and a Handy Password toolbar is added to your browser. Through this toolbar you can perform quite a number of useful operations including fast web search, instant access to favorite web pages, and most importantly, you can fill in and submit web forms automatically.

The automatic login function allows you to access all of your accounts really quickly with no effort at all. For example, when you want to login to your mail account, you just need to click the button on the browser toolbar. Next thing you see is your mailbox; you will simply skip the step where you need to type the login and password.

If you have a business account on the web such as a reseller's account or a bank account, you naturally want to keep your account login and password secure to prevent unauthorized access. This can be done only if you use Handy Password manager - a robust multi-user password manager for Vista. The greater security of your bank accounts is achieved through automatic form filling when you don't have to type anything, so no keylogger will detect your password.

With the password manager for Windows, all your passwords are stored in a secure multi-user password database which is also password-protected so the passwords that you save to the database can be available only to you. Thus your password security is guaranteed unlike the passwords saved to the browser. The database is locked up automatically after a customized period of time.

If you like to manage your bank account via Internet, the handy password manager will be your most devoted assistant. It can be a big problem, if you forget your password and cannot login to your web-based bank account to make a transaction. With the password manager, you don't have to type your login and password, so you will never have a chance to forget them.

Download the password manager now and login to your favorite websites instantly!