Email Login Password to Sign In to Email Account

Email Login Password

To secure your email login you should create a strong password. Avoid weak passwords to protect your email account from cracking and your sensitive email data from theft or loss.

A strong password contains at least 11 characters, including small and capital letters, numbers and special symbols like & or * (unfortunately not every email allows using special characters in passwords).

Do not choose simplest, commonly practiced passwords like "qwerty" because they will be at the top of the list for trying when hacking an email account. Moreover, you should not use your personal information for your password because it is easy to guess that you can do it, especially if this information is available on your Facebook page.

Also you might think that if you replace some letters with numbers as in "f0ll0wer5" it will be enough but it is wrong, usually hacking software is adapted to this tip and it can log in to your email account anyway.

The easiest way to create a strong password is to use a whole phrase without spaces but capitalizing every initial letter as in "TimeWillTell", and to add some other letters and numbers to it: "TimeWillTellB52". Just in case it is better to change it at least annually but here there is a chance of forgetting the new password.

What if I forgot my email password?

What if I forgot my email password?

Usually it is not a problem. Nowadays every email service has a function for the password recovery, you need just click a button or a link called somehow like "Forgot password?" on an email login page and follow the provided instructions.

  • If you entered your second email address during registration, they will just send you the password to that account.
  • If you did not, they will send to your phone number a message with a code that you should enter to the corresponding field on the web page, then you will be able to create a new email password.

The other way to remember the password is to let your browser saving it. However, it is highly recommended not to do this thing because it is not secure. Browsers use a system of storing passwords that allows any person having an access to your computer see them and consequently steal them. Instead you can use a password management software developed for storing passwords, so the only password you should remember is the one that you used to sing up to the software.

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