Aliexpress Login - How to Use My Account

You can have a dedicated Aliexpress account and sign in to Aliexpress login page using it, as well as enter Aliexpress via Facebook. Here we are discuss only the first method: creating, using and securing a standalone login to Aliexpress Internet trading service.

How I Can Use My Aliexpress Login?

Open the main page and find the "Sign in" option on the right side. When you point your mouse on this option, you will see the main login menu:

How I Can Use My Aliexpress Login? - Screenshot of AliExpress website
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If you do not want to enter using your Facebook or other social network available for signing in, click an orange "Sign In" button. You will see the login window with a form for entering your principal Aliexpress account information - email or a member ID and password:

Aliexpress Login Account - Screenshot of AliExpress website

Fill the appropriate fields, and then, again, click to a "Sign In" button. You will sign in Aliexpress account.

How Tell Aliexpress to Create My Account?

If you are a new user, you can freely join to Aliexpress. You can use a "Join" link just after the "Sign In" link, or a "Join Free" button on the main login form, or the link just under the "Sign In" button on the login page. Change your mind any moment and choose to create a new account as you wish!

Let us talk about Aliexpress creating your account. It uses your active email address as the tool of your primary identification, and all the process of creating a login divides by the three steps.

How Tell Aliexpress to Create My Account? - Screenshot of AliExpress website

On the first step, choose and enter the email address you will use for Aliexpress. Then slide the button called "Verification" to the right. You will see a security code and a small form to enter it correctly; please do it.

Then check your email account; you will quickly receive a letter from Aliexpress register service with a big button inside, confirming your basic account description. When you will click on it, you will activate your new account.

The next step is completely about your personal information; please be correct and accurate when providing it. Ever-extending security measures can bring you some problems if your login account data will be proved incorrect by some cause.

How to Fix My Aliexpress Login Problems?

The most common problem is losing your password. Do not afraid; find and click a link named "Forgot Password?" on the login page. If you cannot login to Aliexpress by this cause, the service will inform and teach you about how to restore your password, by providing you emails and tips.

Note: If you lose your Aliexpress login or password too frequently, let us recommend you to utilize some password-keeping software, like Handy Password. These solutions can keep all your passwords and logins safely under the guard of just one "master key" password.

How to Delete My Aliexpress Account?

Due to severe problems such as account insecurity in the case of theft, you may wish to deactivate your Aliexpress account. To do it, sign in to Aliexpress and call for an "Edit Member Profile" form. You will see the "Deactivate Account" link in the right side of this form; just click it and confirm your action.

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