eBay Login - Sign in My eBay Account

eBay login is a gate leading you to the magnificent world of eBay. It opens endless possibilities for browsing and purchasing items throughout the entire world. Your name on eBay, provided and protected by your login data, governs such things as your finances, your goods, and your reputations. Therefore, registering and signing in to eBay is a responsible task, which must be performed with enough care.

Note: Remember that now eBay and PayPal are the two separate companies. Therefore, such things as eBay Mastercard login via PayPal can stop work at any time. Use the tips provided here to sign into eBay and be sure about results.

How I Can Get My eBay Login?

eBay Login- Screenshot of eBay website www.ebay.com
Screenshot of eBay website www.ebay.com

Registering eBay account seems a somewhat complicated task. You must not only provide your personal data for a service, but also guarantee the status of your financial account for successfully sign up for eBay online.

However, the registration procedure by itself is easy and secure, when properly performed. Just read the guidelines below for making a good and safe account.

To sign in eBay account firstly, follow the next steps:

  • Open the eBay main page. Click the "register" link just over the eBay logo.
  • You will see the eBay account register page. Complete the form and click on the "Submit" button.
Register eBay- Screenshot of eBay website www.ebay.com
Screenshot of eBay website www.ebay.com
  • Your eBay sign up will complete. Check "My eBay" option now, to make all the necessary changes on account and link it to your PayPal.

How I Can Sign up in eBay Using My eBay Login?

Sign In eBay - Screenshot of eBay website www.ebay.com
Screenshot of eBay website www.ebay.com

To perform eBay log in with your existing eBay account, do the following steps:

  • On the eBay main page find and click the blue "Sign in" link located just over the logo:
  • As the eBay login page will open, type either your user name or your E-mail address assigned for your eBay login and your eBay account password.
  • If you are using your personal computer for entering eBay login, you may mark the checkbox called "Stay signed in" to ensure mutual connection with your eBay account.

What If I Forgot the Password from My eBay Login?

  • Click "Sign in" option on a main page.
  • On eBay login page, press the blue line "Forgot your password?" just under the password field.
  • Follow the instructions appearing.
  • If this problem occurs more than once, read the "My eBay Login Security Tips" section below.

My eBay Sign In Security Tips

Following these simple rules you can ensure the safety and security of your eBay account and somewhat provide a protection for your eBay sign in data from transgression to some unscrupulous hands.

  • Avoid performing eBay sign up using widely accessed computers (e.g. machines located in some office or mall). If you do it, always use private windows and do not forget to log out.
  • Use no auto filling browser options or "Stay signed in" eBay login page feature on your mobile devices. If you will lose your tablet PC or mobile phone, your eBay login can fall into other's hands!
  • If you forgot your passwords frequently use some dedicated utility to keep your personal data in safety. The Handy Password, for example, can keep all your valuable account data under the one main password key!

If you did not sure how to start eBay account securely, please read also some security tips and advices on the myeBay.com login website itself. These tips can be useful for many situations touching matters of your convenience and safety when you browsing or shopping onto the eBay market. The reasons of common sense predict some of these tips for any operations in Internet, though.

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Link PayPal to eBay

Now, when you are signed in, you can link PayPal to eBay mall and be sure that you protect yourself when shopping online. When you buy items on eBay with PayPal a seller can see only your e-mail address. Neither card number nor personal details are mentioned.

Watch this video tutorial and learn how to link PayPal to eBay. Note that this video assumes that you already have both accounts. If you dont have PayPal account, please sing in to PayPal first and sign in to eBay.