American Express Gift Card | Give a Gift of Freedom

American Express Gift Card can be used anywhere American Express is welcomed - in restaurants, cinemas, sport clubs and more. It is an excellent chance to make a gift that gives a freedom of choice. Discover some (but not all) of American Express Gift Card features:

  • 24/7 customer service is available if American Express Gift Card is lost or stolen. In this case you can get an emergency Card replacement for free.
  • Personalized text messages. You can get text messages and keep track of all your transactions to see how much you spend and when money are exaggerated.
  • Security. When you get your Card it is yet inactive. To activate a Card you can go online and enter Card number & security code or call customer service. American Express Gift Card activation is needed only for Gift Cards purchased online (not in a retail store).

It is important to remember that 15-digit American Express My Gift Card number and the 4-digit security code should not be shown to anyone. These numbers give you an ability to replace a Card if it was lost or stolen, to check American Express Gift Card balance and to do other operations. That's why these numbers should be secured.

Business Gift Cards are a way to reward employees, partners or customers. You can choose the amount of reward yourself. This Card gives you a chance to thank someone for a successful working year or just for implementation of the important project that would be impossible without this person.

American Express Gift Cards
Screenshot of American Express Company website

American Express Gift Cards are a way to make someone's day. These Cards are perfect for any occasion - whether it's a birthday or any other important day.

Possibly you just want to say "Thank you" or wish "Good luck". It is easy with American Express Gift, because you can print a personalized message right on the Card.

Create an unusual gift - select value, then add a personalized message, and make your friend, sweetheart or any other person feel free to choose what he really wants.

With American Express Gift Card perhaps you've given someone a chance to fulfill a little dream.