Creating and Using Login to BB&T Internet Banking

Logging in BB&T bank account allows user operating with personal finances remotely, using Internet to access the account. All a user need is to create a unique username, and then enter it correctly every time when performing BB&T banking logon. This article is about how to do it.

Overview of BBandT Logon Operations

BB&T online banking page provides you with a form to enter, to enroll or to retrieve your access to BBT online login. Let us show this part of the web page (located at

BB&T Bank Login

Find this panel on the bottom of the web page. Now you can choose the one of three options:

  • To enter your BB&T account online, type your User ID and click on "SECURE LOGON" button;
  • To retrieve your forgotten BBT logon, click on "Forget your User ID?" option;
  • To get a new BB&T login for online banking, click on "Not a BB&T Online Client?" link.

When you select an option that you need, please refer to an appropriate section of this article.

Entering a User ID to BB&T Log On

This action is quite simple. Type the User ID for your existing account in the field shown on a picture above. Then press a button next to this field, and enter your personal treasure vault - at any time, from everywhere, without any restriction!

Guard Your Username!

It is careless to use the auto filling option for your BB&T username. Instead, log in every time from scratch (maybe with the help of private window in the browser), or remove all BB&T cookies after each session of Internet banking.

Avoid performing your BB&T banking sign on with cookies or auto-save for User ID when you are using some mobile device, or even worse, the computer with an opened public access to it. Every person that can access to the device where your login data are stored can steal your account!

Registering BB&T Online Banking Login

To start using BB&T online account, user must create it firstly. Note that it is important to be an existing client of BB&T to create a new online login. On the Step 1 of registration, the website will ask you about which type of BB&T account you already have.

On the picture below, it is an example of registering form using the ATM card as an existing BB&T banking account.

Login BB&T Onlone Banking Account

Just click on the link called "Not a BB&T Online Client?", and then select the "Personal Clients" option. You will see the registering form, containing three steps. Fill all required fields correctly and click a button for registering your username. You will be informed about completing the successful registration.

Creating a Secure User ID

To enforce the "strength" of your username (i.e. making it hard to be cracked accidentally or too easy), please note that your username must not contain parts of your obvious personal information, such as your name, your birthdate or the name of your spouse. Select the components of username carefully.

We recommend you to use a bit more "personal" data than most can think about you, such as cites from books and verbs you are remember forever, personally significant sequences of numbers and some specific symbols here and there, guarding your password effectively from any threat.

Restoring a Lost User ID

To refresh your BB&T log on data when you forget your username, click on the "Forgot your User ID?" link. You will be prompted with a phone number 888-BBT-ONLINE (888-228-6654) to freely call the banking service support and retrieve your login data.

If you lose your BB&T or other log on data too frequently, let us give you an advice: use some login-keeping software, such as Handy Password, to protect all your different login data under the guard of one main secured password key. It can save many time and efforts for you!

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