Opening a BBVA Bank Account in Spain without Resident Visa

Opening a bank account in a foreign country can be a daunting task, but with BBVA Spain, it's relatively simple for non-residents. BBVA Spain offers a range of services, including online banking, to make it easier for you to manage your finances from anywhere in the world. In this article, we'll walk you through the steps to open a bank account in BBVA Spain as a non-resident.

Documentation Required to Open a Bank Account in BBVA Spain

To open a bank account in BBVA Spain as a non-resident, you will need to provide the following documentation:

  1. A valid passport or national identification card: This is required to confirm your identity.
  2. Proof of address: BBVA Spain requires proof of your address, such as a utility bill or bank statement from your country of residence.
  3. Evidence of your income: This can be in the form of a salary statement or proof of business ownership.
  4. Proof of your reason for opening the account: You will need to provide evidence of why you want to open an account, such as a letter from your employer or a copy of your rental agreement.

You may also be required to make an initial deposit to open the account, and you may be charged fees for maintaining the account. It is advisable to contact BBVA Spain directly to inquire about their specific requirements and fees for non-resident bank accounts.

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BBVA Compass Online Banking Services

If you are a customer of BBVA Compass in Spain, you can take advantage of the bank's online banking services even if you are an expat. With BBVA Compass online banking, you can manage your accounts, pay bills, transfer money, and more from your computer or mobile device. Here are some of the features available through BBVA Compass online banking:

  • Viewing account balances and transaction history: You can check your account balances and transaction history anytime, anywhere.
  • Transferring money between accounts: You can easily transfer money between your BBVA Compass accounts or to other banks in Spain.
  • Paying bills online: You can pay your bills online without the need to write checks or visit the bank.
  • Setting up account alerts: You can set up account alerts to receive notifications about your account activity.
  • Depositing checks using mobile deposit: You can deposit checks using your mobile device without the need to visit a branch.
  • Managing your budget: You can manage your budget using tools like spending reports and categorization.

Login to BBVA compass

BBVA Compass online banking is available to customers through the bank's website or through its mobile app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

To log in to BBVA Compass online banking, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the BBVA Compass website: Open your web browser and go to the BBVA Compass website (
  2. Click on the "Sign In" button: On the top right corner of the homepage, you will see a "Sign In" button. Click on it to access the login page.
  3. Enter your login credentials: On the login page, you will need to enter your username and password. If you do not remember your login credentials, you can click on the "Forgot username or password?" link to reset them.
  4. Click on the "Sign In" button: Once you have entered your login credentials, click on the "Sign In" button to access your account.

Opening a bank account in BBVA Spain as a non-resident is a straightforward process, and with BBVA Compass online banking, you can easily manage your finances from anywhere