How to Obtain and Use Your Navient Student Loan Login

This article is about safe and quick using of Navient Bank Internet banking service. To have an advantage of online banking with Navient, you must firstly enroll to the bank online, creating a safe login for you, and then use this login carefully to enter your personal data every time you need it.

Overview of Navient Loan Login Panel

Navient Bank specializes on student loans. For loan customers, the main page of Navient bank provides the two (identical by the function) student loan sign in links; currently, both of these links are of violet color. By clicking on any link, you will see a page containing the form pictured below:

Login Navient Online Banking Account

You will use this form for any type of registering actions, according to the step you want to perform:

  1. For creating a new login (the pair of User ID and password), click on the bold blue "Register" option below on the form.
  2. For using an existing Navient account login, type your User ID and password into the correspondingly named fields and then click on the "Log In" button.
  3. If you forget your login information, choose either the "Forgot User ID" or the "Forgot Password" field, to retrieve one of components of your login.
  4. To get some Navient loan sign in advices from the bank itself, please use the "Difficulty logging in?" option at the bottom of the form.

Step 1. Creating a Safe Navient Customer Login

When you open the registration form (see below), you will be provided with the minimal requirements for your User ID and password formats. Fill up the form, and then type any other information required to create your login data.

Note: The Internet banking service from Navient bank requires you are providing either your Social Security Code or your Navient Bank account number for registering. No outsiders can sign on to the banking service online!

Navient Bank Login Information
  • Tip for security: When creating your login and password, do not use an obvious personal information, such as your birthdate or the official name of your spouse, as parts of the User ID or password character sequences. These login data are too simple to crack, anyway!

Step 2: Using an Existing Navient Account Login

As described below, just enter your User ID and password into required fields, and then press the "Log In" button. This is all. You can also mark the "Remember My User ID" checkbox to fill the appropriate field automatically every time you want to use the Navient banking service.

  • Tip for security: Never allow your browser or website cookie to fill up your banking login data! The auto-fill option can be a key to your personal treasure, prone to fall into some other hands every time the other person can get an access to your personal Internet-accessing device!

Step 3: Retrieving the Lost User ID or Password

If you lose one component of your login pair, do not panic. Instead, use one of the two links provided to you just for this case: "Forgot User ID?" or "Forgot Password?" Enter the information required to retrieve your login, and the Navient will retrieve your customer login for you.

  • Tip for security: If you lose or forgot your User ID or password data too frequently, use some password-keeping solution, like Handy Password, for keeping your Navient loans login and other sign in data securely under the guard of just one master key.

Other Issues: Unexpected Difficulties of Navient Customer Login

If you still have any troubles with an Internet banking service, such as trying to use Navient student loans login incorrectly, you can always take an advice from the Navient bank online by clicking on the "Difficulty logging in?" link.

Of many banks and financial organizations providing online banking services, Navient bank has one of the most friendly online login interfaces. Enjoy using it!

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