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LinkedIn jobs are one of the most convenient ways to find openings. Career opportunities from more than 3 million companies are available on LinkedIn. Search by your own criteria - job title, company name, location and more. LinkedIn jobs are a good way to discover job opportunities all over the world.

Linkedin Jobs
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The more complete your profile, the more chances you have to be mentioned, because LinkedIn is a place where not only you can find opportunities, but also opportunities can find you. Follow next steps to make your profile as informative as possible to help you find jobs at LinkedIn:

Build your network. Connect with other members and extend the amount of professional contacts in course of time to help you find jobs. There are three ways to connect.

First way is to send invitations. Introductions are second way. They can be sent through one of your connections to help you communicate with a person who is a 2nd-degree connection. And the last possible way is contacting by InMail messages with people who are not a 1st degree connections.

Linkedin Job
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Fill information in your profile in detail. Your education (not only school and higher education institution, but also courses you visited and other training programs you've been a part of).

Add all your previous workplaces, even if they were off the record. Skills you have will help other LinkedIn members to understand industries you are strong in.

Don't forget about such sections as location, volunteer experience, industry, professional photo and other.

Every section is important for a LinkedIn job seeker, because all together they give other members a full picture and a ground for making well-reasoned decisions.

Ask for endorsements and recommendations. You can ask your connections to prove skills listed on your profile with two ways. It can be a one-click way (endorsement) and a written recommendation. Ask people not to provide empty statements, but describe examples of how your experience worked in real life. It will help you to find jobs on LinkedIn by increasing the competitiveness your profile.

Finally, don't' forget about contact information for other members to connect with you the most convenient way. This information will be visible only to your connections.

Use full power of LinkedIn and discover other ways to find jobs at LinkedIn:

  1. Check the "Jobs You May Be Interested In" and "Jobs In Your Network" sections on the Jobs page.
  2. Let your network know you're looking for a job - post updates from your homepage.
  3. Read LinkedIn blog to find useful tips.

Become a part of a social networking service, which membership grows every second - create LinkedIn login if you don't have it yet and use LinkedIn jobs to find a job.