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LinkedIn is a social network of a new type. It's focused on connections between collegues headhunters and developing business relationships. Searching LinkedIn profile can be somewhat an effective way to find a new job, new partner or even a new sphere of applying your professional skills and devotions.

LinkedIn design differs from other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. In LinkedIn you doesn't make «friends» you make «connections». Groups in are mostly connected with professional interests and corporate identity.

LinkedIn sign in procedure resembles the other social networks registration process. You need to leave your email and to choose reliable password. At the next stage LinkedIn helps you to fill the bars that are useful for escalating the communication in social networks. The more bars are filled the more chances that you will make valuable connections or find interesting job. So it all depends on you!

It is obligatory to fill the fields that are connected with your job.

LinkedIn Login - Screenshot of LinkedIn website
Screenshot of LinkedIn website

Also at the first step helps you to find connections (you can also import contacts to you LinkedIn Login from Facebook). But you can skip the step and try to find friends at on your own.

LinkedIn Sign In - Screenshot of LinkedIn website
Screenshot of LinkedIn website

After confirming the email address starts the process of creating your profile. IF you are interested in making connections it is appropriate to give more information about your skills and interests. After LinkedIn sign up you can always change the information about yourself (LinkedIn login, for example) using toolbar at the top of your LinkedIn home page.

Another feature that makes LinkedIn different from other social networks is section skills in your profile. This information helps employees to show to LinkedIn recruiter their best competences and to find the most attractive job position. Also LinkedIn Login gives other users opportunity to endorse and provide commentaries on other users skills. It also may help you in searching of your dream job.

LinkedIn Recruiter - Screenshot of LinkedIn website
Screenshot of LinkedIn website

Also LinkedIn Login gives you an opportunity to apply for a job you are interested in. In 2011 the button «Apply with LinkedIn» was launched in LinkedIn jobs. It means that you can use your LinkedIn home page as a resume when you are seeking the job. In section "Jobs" the position you may be interested in are listed. And if you are an Entrepreneur you can use for candidates searching.

Whether you are youngster trying not to put a foot wrong in a business world or you are an adult with rich experience LinkedIn will open you a new horizons in your professional communication and development.

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