Bank of India Mobile Banking - BOI Mobile App

Bank of India Mobile Banking is very convenient way of doing activities that you are involved in connected with your bank. The main distinction of this way of managing your finances from the usual way of visiting bank is that you can get access 24 hours a day and every day of the year.

There are different stages of Bank of India Mobile Banking Registration:

  1. At first you need download the form of application and bring it to the nearest bank branch.
  2. Then you need to receive password by the Courier or Post.
  3. After that you need to receive the SMS-password.

You need to be aware of Phishing anРІ Vishing attacks. Phishing is a type of emailing then the fraudsters are hunting at your personal data such as password and card numbers. The Vishing is the same practice but via telephone.

Bank of India Mobile Banking App

Bank of India Mobile Banking

Bank of india Star Connect mobile banking App is the way of getting access to banking services via you mobile phone but without browser. You of course can use browser but of you have android 2.2 or higher you have an opportunity to use this app.

You just need to go to Google Play and download the latest version of this app. After that you can just tap the icon on the screen to view all the operations, balance sheets and bills. You don't need to access the website every time. It will save you from useless actions.

To sum up, Bank of India mobile banking software is convenient way of managing your finances. Bank of India mobile registration is also rather fast procedure to get the access to your banking services from you smartphone.