Bellsouth Email Login - How to Retrieve Old Account

The Bellsouth mail service is now just a part of AT&T Company. Some accounts were move to a new Therefore, if you plan to use a email sign in then you can look at this new site instead of Bellsouth homepage.

Applying email login to this new service is quite simple task. This short instruction guides you through the Bellsouth email login page interface, when you are using the AT&T instead of the old login to access your messages.

Using Email Account Login with AT&T Email Service

Nowadays, when you are opening a Bellsouth mail log in page, it redirects you to the AT&T signing page ( This is absolutely normal.

Bellsouth Sign in with Login My Account - Screenshot of Att email website
Screenshot of Att email

Note: The AT&T website ( contains all necessary information about how to access Bellsouth email account today, including recovery, migration and settings information. To find it, please refer to the website navigation and search provided by AT&T.

  • You must do no anything additional or special to use your registered login to enter your account now.
  • Just fill all the fields required and press a blue rounded button "Sign In", as in old Bellsouth email login page.

If you forget your login or the password, you can try to retrieve your Bellsouth email address sign in data by clicking on either "Forgot User ID/Email Address?" or "Forgot Password?" links below the appropriate fields. Follow the instructions to grab these data again.

Caveat: You cannot register a new Bellsouth email account. Instead, you may choose to register to AT&T email service using the link "Sign Up Now", located on a former Bellsouth page.

Applying Bellsouth Email Login for

Belsouth Account with Mail2web Login - Screenshot of mail2web website
Screenshot of mail2web

An alternative for accessing email account login is a service called You can use it with a following link: At the left side of this page you will find a form to enter your Bellsouth email login.

  • Fill the field "Your Email Address" with full Bellsouth log in address data, such as somehow@, not just somehow.
  • After filling the form, click on the "Login" button to accept the entered information as your Bellsouth mail log in combination.

Note: It is impossible to register a new email login by using this service. Nowadays, you cannot obtain a new Bellsouth login by no means!

Bellsouth Email Sign in: Security Matters

Today, the most of security issues touching a matter of protection for email login are obsolete.

Caveat: Actually, the only security rule remains strict for continuous using your Bellsouth email login via different email bridge services: always keep your password secure and actual!

  • Firstly, try to keep your password by any means, including both protection from the "memory loss" when you just forget a password, and from the "physical loss" of a media containing your password (such as a diary, a sheet of paper or a phone).

An advice: If you have a habit of losing your passwords systematically, try some keyring software solution to save your passwords securely.

These utilities, like Handy Password, can keep all your login data under one common encrypted key, so you may use it automatically at any time you need.

  • The second actual proposition is a matter of Email address changing. Your email sign in is a good second chance to migrate a new email without losses. Therefore, select a new email provider, migrate your email if you want, and start from scratch!

Access email via

If you are trying to access your Bellsouth email account through Yahoo Mail, you will need to set up your Bellsouth email as an email account in Yahoo Mail.

  • Go to the Yahoo Mail website ( and sign in to your Yahoo account.
  • Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the page and select "Settings" from the drop-down menu.
  • In the "Accounts" section, click on the "Add Account" button.
  • On the "Add Account" page, select "Other" as the email provider.
  • Enter your Bellsouth email address and password in the designated fields and click "Continue."
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your Bellsouth email account in Yahoo Mail.

Once you have set up your old Bellsouth email account in Yahoo Mail, you should be able to access your Bellsouth emails by signing in to your Yahoo account and selecting your Bellsouth email account from the list of accounts. Keep in mind that you may need to enter specific settings for your Bellsouth email account in order for it to work properly with Yahoo Mail. You can find more information about the necessary settings on the AT&T website or by contacting Bellsouth customer support.

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