Gmail Login: Sing in to Gmail Account

Gmail new account

gmail new account
Screenshot of Gmail website

Gmail login is your personal name that you can use to sign in gmail account. To start with making your own email you can type “gmail sign in” into the search bar.

When you first start using your Gmail account login the system will suggest you to put in your first and last name. If you don’t want to reveal your identity, just enter a fake one.

Whatever you choose, when signing in to Google Mail first time, you can’t leave these bars empty.

Also you need to choose username (in fact it will be your gmail login email) and password that you will use to access your gmail account every time.

For your Gmail login itself, you can use letters numbers and periods. Gmail signing in is something that you will need to perform on a regular basis, so make sure you remember your name.

Gmail login and password

Gmail offers you to use at least 8 characters for your password and not using passwords from another websites. After that, you should confirm your Gmail account password typing it in the bar below. You can use your password not only to access your gmail account. Once signed in to Gmail you also can use another Google services with the same login and password.

You can always have an additional gmail login using different username and password: when logging it on Google pick "Another account" option. Every gmail login for a new account will appear on a logging screen.

To protect your Gmail Account you can use the Gmail backup software

Gmail sign in confirmation and password recovery

There are several ways to prove your identity, including:

  • Using your Phone number.
  • Using additional email address (preferably from other mail service).

Sing in to Gmail Account

You can use your Phone number and another address to restore access to your account in case you forgot your password.

After that, Google mail offers you to defend your mail from hacking leaving your phone number. Google corporation promises you to keep your phone number as a commercial secret using it only in case you forgot your password.

If you didn’t leave your number at the stage of registration you can always add it in your gmail account settings. In addition, you can use Gmail Phone service if you leave your number.

You can choose another email account (not only gmail, other email providers such as Yahoo, Bing, etc. fit too) for the confirmation. However, you, of course, can skip it.

password recovery
Screenshot of Gmail website

By choosing a location, you help Google mail offer you the most relevant content like Google Map places, Google Ads, Google Play tools from your country and send notifications in the appropriate language.

Change google account location

At the final stage you need to choose whether you agree or disagree with the "Google Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policy". You can’t sign up gmail without agreement.

google mail agreement
Screenshot of Gmail website

Once you've just registered, you won't need to perform Gmail login because the system will do it for you. However, if you want to do Gmail sign in on another device, be sure to prepare your login data to succeed.

So in the end, after registration you will open a lot of interesting opportunities. For example, using another Google services with your google account.

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