My Facebook Login and Sign in Tips

Facebook login and password are a pair of keys guarding the treasure - an account for the most established, most popular and wide-known social network of modern Earth.

Facebook login home page is If you are keeping the status of sign in Facebook, the starting page will be your page. Else you may be required to log in Facebook using your unique pair of Facebook login and password, or register a new Facebook login.

The technique and principles of Facebook sign are the matters of this article.

Using Facebook Login Home Page for Facebook Log in

To choose or enter your Facebook login in a simplest mode, just open and look at it. Above on the page you will find the Facebook login form:

Facebook Login - Screenshot of Facebook website
Screenshot of Facebook website

If you have an existing Facebook login, e.g. registered E-mail address or phone linked to you as Facebook sign in data, just enter it in the appropriate field.

Then enter your registered Facebook password. Check "Keep me logged in" attribute if you want to stay logged in Facebook after closing the browser or tab. And, finally, press the "Log In" button to log in Facebook.

Just to be mentioned, the Facebook mobile login page is slightly different from standard Facebook login page by layout. But all the principles of working when you sign in Facebook from the mobile device are quite same.

Staying Sign in Facebook Can Be Unsafe!

We are strongly insisting that keeping login Facebook always active is unsecured, especially if matters touch Facebook mobile login on some sort of portable device. If this device falls to other's hands when you are logged in, all you can do to stop the unscrupulous use of your Facebook sign in is to say, "My Facebook login is not mine for now!"

Registering a New Facebook Login

According to Facebook, "It is free and always will be", so why not?

Open the Facebook login home page described above and fill with the required information all the fields positioned on the next picture:

Facebook Sign Up - Screenshot of Facebook website
Screenshot of Facebook website

Your E-mail address will be one of two valid Facebook logins for you.

Choose your Facebook password carefully, securing yourself both from pranks and perils other can do using your Facebook login. Do not use too obvious information, such as a combination of your name and date of birth, as a password to log in Facebook. It is completely careless!

It is to be mentioned Facebook login page requires selecting your date of birth and your sex when you are registering a new Facebook login in the system. This is needed for some system functions, and, in case of birth date, for applying correct legal issues and terms guarding your personal merit.

Completing the Registration

After registering, complete your Facebook login sign in data with some additional information, including your personal mobile phone number. This number will be your second Facebook login. You may use it instead of your E-mail when you are log in Facebook. This is especially comfortable for Facebook mobile login via smartphone or tablet.

Retrieving the Lost Facebook Login

On the Facebook login home page, find an option "Forgot your password?" right to the "Keep me logged in" checkbox. Click on it, and you will be moved to the page where you can try to retrieve your Facebook password and maybe login.

Facebook Account - Screenshot of Facebook website
Screenshot of Facebook website

Check Facebook sign in database using one of Facebook log in data mentioned on the picture: your full name, E-mail or phone number. Facebook will try to find and retrieve password so you will be able to login Facebook again.

Try the feature called "I can't identify mu account" if you are thinking you can't remember your Facebook login sign in data completely.

If this sorrow problem haunts you too often, maybe specialized password-keeping software may help you. This software, such as Handy Password, can keep all your logins and passwords, such as Facebook sign in data, in one place guarded by one key. So if you are want to login Facebook, just use the key password and perform Facebook log in procedure semi-automatically!

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