MSN Email Login and Sign in to Account

To login to MSN email, follow these steps:

  • Open your web browser and go to the MSN homepage (
  • Click on the Sign in button located at the top right corner of the page
  • You will be rdirected to the page. Don't be surprised. It is correct URL and you can use it to login to MSN email.

  • Enter your email address and click Forward
  • Enter your password on the next page
  • Click on the Sign in button to access your email inbox.

Alternatively, you can also go directly to the login page ( and enter your email address and password there.

MSN mail and

Msn mail is the same service as hotmail and (which means Microsoft Network) is the web-site where you can find the collection of internet resources provided by Microsoft. Content from different sources (MSN news) is what you can see when you enter page. page
Screenshot of MSN website offers you twelve sections such as money, weather, health & fitness, entertainment, travel, video, food&drink and lifestyle, travel, sports and news. After signing in you can customize the content to your own personal needs.
Microsoft company in 2005 have united all of their products under the one brand name Windows Live. Microsoft mail service was redesigned in Windows Live Hotmail (nowadays called also known as Live Mail.

Nowadays, all these services are obsolete and rejoined partially under the Microsoft unified account and the service called, controlling almost all Microsoft online operations.

How to check my MSN mail?

Although doesn't offer its MSN mail service you are able to sign in and connect it to your account.

It gives you possibility to manage your connections adding different contacts from other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

MSN login is the same thing as the outlook login, one drive login, and office 365 login. It offers you to use large variety of services established by Microsoft.

MSN login is the modern way of consuming the information. It helps you to choose appropriate structure and to give the priority to the most interesting topics for you

MSN Sign up

It is not possible to sign up to in the traditional sense as is a news and information website and does not have a sign in feature to access email or other services. provides users with news, weather, entertainment, sports, and other types of content, but does not offer email or other services that require a login. If you are trying to sign into your MSN Email account, the correct URL for email login is and you can sign in to MSN email with your email address and password.

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Can't Login to MSN Account

  • Check that Caps Lock is off when enter the MSN password.
  • MSN can block your account due to spam suspect and you can’t sign-in by this reason. You need to verify you are not a spammer.
  • Make sure your MSN account can’t be hacked or compromised.

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