Drupal Login: How To Find Admin Login Page

Drupal Sign in: Login to Drupal Account

Drupal login is essential thing to access drupal content-management system which is used in 2.1% sites worldwide (it is also used by such famous sites as whitehouse.gov). Drupal is open-source software, which means that everyone can make it better and up-to-date.

Drupal stores data and settings in different formats such as MySQL, PostegreSQL, MondoDB and others. Drupal also can be used as content management framework. It means that you can use Drupal components and customized software for content management if you have Drupal admin Login.

How can I find Drupal Login Page?

There are two types of destination of Drupal Login page

  • On localhost;
  • On remote web hosting.

If your website is on localhost your Drupal login address will be: http://localhost/nameofyoursite/?q=user/login. If your site is on remote web hosting login URL will be http://www.nameofyoursite.com/?q=user/login. But if you are facing any difficulties to log in Drupal as admin you can always ask your question on the Drupal help desk.

Advantages Of Drupal Login

Drupal has a numbers of features included in Core modules such as:

  • Access statistics and logging;
  • RSS Feed aggregator;
  • Multi-level menu system;
  • Polls, comments and blogs.

The list of modules can be extended by installing the new. It gives content manager and designer the wide variety of opportunities how to organize the whole site. Some modules easiers life such as Panel module that gives an opportunity to use drag and drop system to upload files on the website.

To sum up, I'd like to say that Drupal is rather convenient way of managing the content of the website. It has a long list of core modules that also can be extended up to your needs. Drupal company is strongly focused on user experience which makes the use of Drupal CMS more user-friendly.

Remember that to always feel safe that valuable data will not be lost due to different causes, you need to make regular Drupal backup.