Google Play Account | Buy Apps Using Google Play Account

Google Play Account is unique platform where you can download different apps (free and for pay) for your android device. The most common way is using your credit card with google wallet. When you are trying to buy paid app you should leave you credit card number, holder name, date of expire and CVC (the numbers at the side of the card where your signature is) and google play makes google wallet for your google play account login automatically.

Google Play Purchases

Making Purchases on Google Play is sometimes hard to conduct. But there is a simple algorithm for you to make it in case if you have attached your credit card to Google Play Store Account. At first you need to find the Google Play store apps you are interested in. If the amount of money on your google account balance (debit/credit card) is enough you can tap on the price.

Google play account
Screenshot of Google website

After tapping on the price the new list of actions will appear. You now can choose to buy, to add to wish list or not to view it when you sign in Google Play Account. Adding to wishlist means that you friends may see it and maybe they will make you a gift.

Google play store account
Screenshot of Google website

The next stage will accepting or not google wallet terms of service. You will face this question only if you have already made a google wallet. Pressing buy means that you are agree with terms of service.

Google play store apps
Screenshot of Google website

At the next stage you will be asked to enter your Google Password. Google Password in this case means Password from your Google Account (the same as you use for you gmail account). After pressing "Confirm" money will be charged off your bank account.

Google play account sign in
Screenshot of Google website

You can check if operation is conducted correctly you will receive the receipt on your email. If some problems (you haven't received your buy, for example) will appear you can use it to protect your interests.

Google play account login
Screenshot of Google website

As you can see making purchases on Google Play isn't that insulting as you have thought before. Google password is your universal key for paying on Play Store so don't be afraid of typing it when Play Store asks you. Google Wallet guarantees security of your payments.

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