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Msn sign in isn't the same thing as outlook sign in. You can customize different features of without signing in. In this case you just need to tap or click Sign in near the search bar in the top of the page.

msn sign in

Screenshot of MSN website

If you want just to change content on your without signing Microsoft account (also called Microsoft ID) you can click Change Language and content will be changed adequately to the country.

sign in msn

Screenshot of MSN website

To manage the content that offering you also can click Customize this page and choose whether different sections (there are 12 sections in will be displayed or not. For example, you are interested in healthy food and new recipes but cars play a small role in your life in this case you have an opportunity to put the section food and drink at the top of the page.

If you are interested in sports MSN is offering you original content from Also you can see news from which became an official partner of Microsoft, after selling the remaining stake of mnbc to NBCuniversal.

customize msn

Screenshot of MSN website

Microsoft plan was to make more app like. So you can change sections with tapping on each one you want. Also ypu can sweep away any news you are not interested in with your fingers.

If you want to have access not only to you can make your personal Microsoft account at MSN sign in also gives you an opportunity to access Microsoft outlook, Microsoft office 365, OneDrive and others. Click Outlook sign in to learn more.

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