Comcast Account Login: Short Guide

To obtain or to use your Comcast mail login, please go to a mail sign in page (nowadays, this is the main page of an, and follow the instruction provided below.

Note: Beware phishing and malware sites attacked by a malicious and professional-looking "Xfinity" virus. For detailed tips, please see the "Security Issues" section of this short manual.

Sign In to Comcast Account - Screenshot of Comcast website

Sign in to Comcast Account

When entering an Xfinity page, you will see a link with an envelope pictured. Click on it, and you will get a popup window with Comcast Internet login options:

Now you will see a long vertical bar on the new page, containing all data you are need to Comcast email login. To enter your Comcast email account, please enter your email address at Comcast and a password you provided when registered.

Comcast Email Login - Screenshot of Comcast website
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  • The "Keep me signed in" option allows you connect to Comcast mail permanently. We are recommending using this option only when you are using your very personal device, such as a home PC, without any significant risk to fall into other hands.
  • Note also that you can sign into your Comcast email via your Facebook. Click on the appropriate button to enter your Comcast account using your Facebook login.

It is to be mentioned that the procedure of anti-robot control, calling you to enter some symbols unclearly readable for different bots but easily recognizable by humans, is a common part of security measures by Xfinity and Comcast. It can effectively protect your accounts from robot hacks!

Registering a New Comcast Email

Sign in to Comcast as a private or a business user is not too difficult. The first thing you may get into considerations is that a Comcast is a part of Xfinity, and you should not be afraid when any Comcast operation turns you into an Xfinity realm. (Again, be careful about virus malware!)

To make your new Comcast account, go to the small form behind the registering panel, and click a link to sing up into Comcast. Note that you must provide some business-level identification of your personality, such as Social Security Number (SSN) or a phone to exchange codes.

Security Issues

The first and most annoying problem is the "Xfinity" malware circulating over the Internet. It targets primarily on Macs, trying to install a (fake) Xfinity search engine and a toolbar to your browser. Then it can collect your passwords, preferred websites, damage files and much more.

  • Removing the "Xfinity" malware from your Mac or a PC is a manual operation that cannot be automated nowadays. Detailed instructions are readily available through the Internet, but the best method to guard yourself against such a malware is not contracting it!

Any other security issue is typical for guarding your private or business email, such as a Comcast mail.

  • Do not use a public computer for your private or, especially, business messages;
  • If you forget a password, please use a dedicated link on a registering form to retrieve it;
  • For a person losing a password too often, special password-keeping software exists.

Have a nice communication and secured privacy with your Comcast email account!

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