Santander Online Banking Services Account

As the modern-days United Kingdom bank, Santander provides some online banking services for customers, widely available everywhere the Internet comes. These are all the standard operations that can be performed by Santander Banking online include mortgages, auto loans, insurance payments, funding actions and savings.

The basic procedure of joining the services of Santander web banking is a pretty simple. All the controls can be found on the main page, closely to the right side (see the fragment below):

Santander Online Banking - Screenshot of Santander website
Screenshot of Santander website

Let us explain some of these functions.

Santander Online Banking Sign In

To sign in to Santander Internet banking service, just click to the "Personal Banking Log on" link. You will be relocated to the logon page where all you will need to do is to enter your Santander online banking login and your password.

These are alternative links to log on if you need to use Santander bank login for business or corporate purposes.

Creating a New Personal ID

To sign up to Santander bank online services, click on the "Register for Online Banking" link. The form appearing will help you register your Santander banking login. It is to be mentioned that you must be a UK resident to have the possibility for Santander bank sign in.

Phone Calls

Santander online banking services are available also through Santander Mobile, a phone-based service for which you need a debit or credit card by Santander Bank. You may explore the Santander Mobile options from the main page of Santander Bank online.

Issues of Security

These are important questions, as many users and groups including famous Which? are mentioned a very little level of online security provided by Santander online banking services. To avoid problems, please be careful and perform some security measures by yourself.

  1. Always keep your ID and current password securely. Do not write it on your credit card or on the mobile device!
  2. Do not operate with your savings or payments from a widely accessed machine! Let this activity stay private for you, performing from your secured desktop or home-staying mobile computer, not from your Android/iPhone device just a bit not to slide out from your pouch yesterday!
  3. Change your passwords on a regular basis, and thenkeep a new password as firmly as previous. Some specialized software such as Handy Password can keep it for you. Do not use auto-fill options on Web browsers for crucial passwords!
  4. Beware of use of your widely explained or well-known personal information as the parts of your password! This is an easiest way to do the thieves' task for them!

All these simple actions can significantly improve an overall levelof your Santander online banking security.

If you use the Santander mobile banking services through your phone, it is a top matter of security that your phone must be protected by PIN code and, sometimes, by the password. This is the only (and a somewhat weak) mean of protection the privacy of your savings or any other banking activity!

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