Steam Account Login and Sign in

How to Create Steam Account

Steam account sign in is a fairly simple procedure. It is identical to every email account registration. First, you need to select a Steam login, create a password, and then select an email address to verify or recover your Steam password.

Steam account login
Screenshot of Steam website

After that you need to choose challenge question for your Steam account. In case if you want to change your steam account password (or to solve steam login problems) at first you will be asked this question and when verification mail will be sent on your mailbox. Also you need to type in «captcha»

create Steam account
Screenshot of Steam website

Finally, to sign in Steam account, you must accept or reject the Steam Agreement and confirm that you are 13 years of age or older. It is important because some steam games are not appropriate for child audience.

Steam account access on your computer

After creating steam account you need to download steam on your computer. After you log in steam at your computer you will receive an access to wide variety of games and for credit card payment.

install Steam
Screenshot of Steam website
Games at Steam store
Screenshot of Steam

There are three types of Games available at Steam store

  • Free Games (games that you can download without payment)
  • Early access (games with trial period)
  • Games that you should pay for before playing

Games in your steam account are classified by genre. So you can choose any genre supposed to be more appropriate to your gaming taste. To buy games that are not free you need to leave you card number in your account.

At a first sight after logging in steam on your computer it looks like a web-browser but it happens because in the section Store steam web-site is viewed (the same is true for other sections such as community and your own profile).

Steam store
Screenshot of Steam website

In community section you can join different groups connected with games that you like. You can log in steam and share your own fan-art there with other players. Also you can ask a question if you are stuck in game process. Don't forget that you can find interesting communities on other resources though. For example, sign up for Tumblr.

To download game you need just to click install under the games icon.

Steam games
Screenshot of Steam website

To add a new game you just need to press add a game in the bottom to the left. You can choose there to add a Non-Steam Game, Activate a Product on Steam or Browse the Steam for games. This option is appropriate only when steam sign up procedure is done on your computer.

In library section you can Find games that now available for you. To download game you need just to click install under the game icon.

Install Steam games
Screenshot of Steam website

Steam password recovery

Steam password recovery
Screenshot of Steam website

If you have forgotten you steam account password you just need to click RETRIEVE A LOST ACCOUNT while starting the Steam. At the next step you need to choose whether you remember your steam login or not. The process of verification depends upon it.
To retrieve your steam account while not remembering steam account login name you need to enter product code you have used for your steam account or the contact email address you have used. After entering your email the mail with verification will be sent to your email address.

In case if you don't remember steam login and also know neither the product code nor the email address you can't restore your account.

Steam payment methods
Screenshot of Steam website

How to change steam password

To change password in your steam client you need to make standard steam sign up procedure. Then select Steam menu and choose Settings. In Settings you may click "I want to change my password" or "I want to change my secret question". Finally, verification mail will be sent to your email and you will be able to answer another secret question or use another password in case if you face steam login problem.

Steam login

You can log in steam without downloading it on your computer. But It doesn't give you an opportunity to download and install the games on your computer. Steam login isn't the same as your email address (and also steam password isn't the same as your email password). Your email address will be used for your social activity inside Steam social network.

Steam Account Payment Methods

Finally after Browsing the Steam store you have found the game you want. Now you have to pay for it. There Different payment methods available for you. If you don't have credit card you can pay for games using American Express or PayPal. For verification steam sign in procedure must be done and also you need to verify your payment by email.

So in the end it will be appropriate to say that steam account offers unique capabilities for entertainment. Steam sign up process is a first step to breath-taking world of video games!