Barclays Online - Barclays Online Banking

Barclays online is a famous English bank accessible via internet. As you know Barclays is a main sponsor of English football premier league. But it isn't the only fact why Barclays is famous. Barlays is also famous for its 300 years history. And the result of its 300 years history of development is Barclays Bank Online Service.

To access Barclays Online you need to go to official Barclays Online Banking website. Barclays Online bank is a perfect way of conducting your finances and to make all your operations paperless. But at first you need to ensure that you are entering real Barclays bank online website. Always check:

  • URL of the web-site
  • Your computer protection (anti-virus software, spywaer filters etc.)
Barclays online - Screenshot of Barclays website
Screenshot of Barclays website

URL may look completely the same but some symbols differ. Some Browsers has built-in function of verifying the authencity of the website.

Awareness is important because Phishing is used for stealing sensitive information such as passwords and User ID. Your account numer also can be stolen, that's why you should always be attentive.

To start making you Barclay Online Login you need to click the button "UK Online Banking" on the You will be redirected to the page where you can log in Barclays Bank online or register. You need to scroll down and find green where "register now" is written.

Barclays banking online - Screenshot of Barclays website
Screenshot of Barclays website

There are two things one of which you should have to register in Barclays Online Banking:

  • Barclays account with the credit card
  • Barclays Mortgage

The following information is needed for you to be registered in Barclays Online Banking:

  • Date of birth
  • Postcode
  • Type of Account (Mortgage or Savings)
  • Number of the card
  • Email Address

The next few stages are connected with the confirmation of your Barclays Bank Online. In the end I'd like to congratulate you with the registration in Barclays Online banking. I hope that will help you to forget about piles of documents and time wasted for waiting in bank.