Wells Fargo Online Banking: Using Wells Fargo Login

Wells Fargo online banking service has a lot of clients, and if you are one of these clients (or plan to be it), then this article is for you.

The key principle of all operations with your Wells Fargo online banking login and password is a security for any action, either completed or just attempted. This article contains different tips about the matters of using Wells Fargo securely.

Obtaining Wells Fargo Online Sign in Data at First Time

Wells Fargo Account
Screenshot of Wells Fargo
website www.wellsfargo.com

Caveat: Before creating your own Wells Fargo online account, you must be a client of the bank. This requires a personal attendance to any branch or office of the bank, to register an account and/or take a banking card emitted by Wells Fargo.

Go to the Wells Fargo bank online main page. You will see this form designed for registering:

Click on the "Sign Up Now" option to register new account.

You must provide your Wells Fargo card number and your Social Security Number (SSN) for registering.

Then choose the name and password that will serve you as your Wells Fargo secure login.


  • Always select a non-obvious, complex password (and perhaps a name) for your Wells Fargo sign in. Obvious combinations, such as your name as login and "12345" as password, can be highly unsecured!
  • Do not register for Wells Fargo online banking using freely accessed computer or your mobile device! You may lost this information unexpectedly, and, sadly, it may fall to other hands!

Wells Fargo Sign in for Existing Users

It is the simplest task to do. Follow the next two instructions in advance.

  1. Enter your Wells Fargo login and password in the fields placed on the registration form (pictured above).
  2. Then press the "Go" grey button, and you will be moved to the world of Wells Fargo online banking.


  • As for the registration, do not trust your Wells Fargo log in data to untrusted computers or mobile devices.The risk of thievery is always high when matters touch things like a Wells Fargo login online banking account, so be careful!
  • By the same means, do not use auto-filling the Wells Fargo online sign in form! If you are fearing to forget your password or login, use the password manager (such as Handy Password) to keep your logins and passwords securely!

Forgetting Your Wells Fargo Login or Password

If it happens, do not be afraid! This is a common situation with Wells Fargo bank login, and you can solve it with just a few operations. Please follow the sequence of actions described below, step by step, as well as do anything that Wells Fargo online service may require from you (such as providing some additional information).

  1. Use the "Username/Password Help" link on the registration form to retrieve your Wells Fargo sign in.
  2. The website will help you retrieving your Wells Fargo login and password.


  • Do not write your Wells Fargo online login and password data on some paper or notebook! It may be stolen or just lost in the most inappropriate moment!
  • If you are forget your Wells Fargo login data regularly, consider using the Handy Password utility as the manager for your login data, as described above.

Using our simple tips, you can quickly create and secure your Wells Fargo bank online banking account with up to no effort. Be careful guarding your banking accounts; this is our most important tip.

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