Youtube Password Change and Recovery

Recovering Youtube password is an option that you'll never know when you'll need to use. This page focuses on this matter and will help you to go through the process safely.

You will have a need to recover your Youtube Account in two cases: if your Account was hacked and compromised and if you've forgotten your password yourself. Let's see, how to take back your account from unwanted hands first.

How to Regain Access to Your Youtube Account

Fortunately, Google has very high security standards. It will alarm you through the mail of someone will try to access your account immediately. If you happen to receive such a message, click "It's not me".

You will be redirected to the page, where you will need to confirm your identity as the owner of the account (via SMS message or else). Then the system will allow you to change your password and your account will be yours again.

How to Restore Forgotten Youtube Password

Restoring forgotten Youtube Password is easy. Go to and click "Sign in" in the top right corner of the screen. This will open the login page. If you forgot your username/email, you can click "forgot email?" and the system will help you by requesting your recovery mail or phone number. Then it will send you information you need there.

If you remember your email, just enter it. Then, when the system will ask you for the password, click "Forgot password". Enter the password you remember. If you don't remember any of your past passwords, click "Try another way". You will receive a verification SMS to the phone that is connected to the account or to the linked email account.

If you don't have your phone anymore, click "I don't have my phone". This will enable other methods to verify that account is yours such as entering the date you've created the account and others.

After you've successfully verified your identity, you will have an opportunity to create a new password for the account. Don't forget to remember it this time!

How to Change Youtube Password Just in Case

Although it's not recommended to use the same password in every account, most of the people still do that. In this case, if one of your accounts was hacked, you would want to check and change passwords on other Accounts. Here's how to change password on Youtube.

Go to youtube com, then click on the round icon that is your avatar (you can locate it in the upper-right corner of the screen). The menu will appear, click on "Settings" then "Account", then "Account Settings". This action will redirect you to your Google Account settings (because all Google Services share the same Account). Then go to "Security" and find "Password" in "Signing in to Google" section. Click there.

You will be redirected to the verification screen where you will need to enter your password to confirm that this is really you. After you're done, the page where you can enter a new password will appear. Click "Change Password" to confirm the change.

Password tip: create strong passwords that contain 8 characters with digits, upper case and special characters. If your memory tends to lose your passwords, write them down somewhere safe or use special software like Handy Password. This way you will be able to protect your account well and will never need this page ever again.

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