Instagram account recovery

If your Instagram account suddenly changed your profile picture or posted content that you didn't post, it's likely that your password has been cracked.

Instagram Account recovery using email

First of all, you need to check access to your mailbox, since it will be much more difficult to restore Instagram if the attackers managed to change your mail.

If you still have access to your email, you can restore your Instagram account:

  • Change your email password and notify the portal technical support service of a hacking;
  • Send a request for a new password for your account by touching the "Forgot your password?" Tab next to the column where you need to enter it;
  • In response to your request, you will be sent an email with updated data, so once again make sure that your E-mail is reliable.

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Instagram Account recovery with helpdesk

To activate the process of returning your profile, you must open the "Report an account hacking" option and answer the suggested questions. Be completely frank, it will help you quickly recover your password and recover Instagram account.

For greater efficiency, the following data may be required:

  • photo (or screenshot) of your Instagram account, which allows you to show your profile;
  • confirmation of your nickname, if you use it somewhere else;
  • exact date of profile creation and the date of your first added photo;
  • originals of personal photos that you dropped off on Instagram;
  • personal photo (selfie) on the background of your passport, a few pictures with friends. The photos should show that there is one person in the photo and in the image in the passport;
  • selfie on the background of the monitor, where you can see that this is your Instagram account.