Bank of America Online Banking Log in

Bank of America online banking is a typical modern online banking solution allowing user operating with money on personal account via network. Bank of America login technique is based entirely on a term of Online ID; no password is required!


For using online bank services, Bank of America sign in is required using the pair of unique Online ID and Social Security Number (SSN); this is not a typical approach for most web services.

But Bank of America online banking login, as well as any other banking service login, has some crucial distinctions from login to other service such as E-mail or social network account. The matter is money, a financial stability and personal savings, not designed to fell into unscrupulous hands. So some adequate security measures are necessary when you plan online banking Bank of America accounts.

Bank of America Login and Password Selection

When you plan to enroll to the Bank of America online banking service remember that is a matter of a minute.

  1. Open the bank main page (, click to "Enroll".
  2. On a page appearing ( enter your personal data required: Bank of America account number and your Social Security code.
  3. If you don't have any data required on previous step, please follow the instructions accessible by the link on appropriate page.
Bank of America - Screenshot of Bank of America website
Screenshot of Bank of America website

You can also select the "Enroll in Online Banking" link on a main menu panel.

Note: To use the Bank of America online banking services you must be a client of the bank!

Restoring the Lost Bank of America Online Sign In

When you feel you forget your Online ID, do not panic! Just click on the option called "Forgot or need help with my Online ID" located on registering page ( You will be granted with a complete instruction how to restore your Bank of America online login. Follow this guide and all will be OK!

If you feel a continuous risk you can forgot your Online ID you may use some utilities for keeping all your personal data safely. These utilities, e.g. Handy Password, allows you to keep all your login and password data under the guidance of just one master key password, providing security and comfort when you use as many different Internet services as you wish.

Bank of America Login for Registered Users

Press the "Sign in" link on any bank's web page to start Bank of America online banking under your registered Bank of America login. On a page appearing, enter your Online ID and press a button confirming your mention to enter the system.

Ye are strongly recommending you next security measures every time:

  • Not using "auto fill" options existing in most browsers to save your Online ID. Occasional thief would be happy if his or her prey will be not your computer unit only but also the granted access for all your personal savings!
  • Also it is completely careless to use Bank of America sign in from computers easily accessed by other persons.
  • If you are pressed by circumstances to do the previous thing, open a private session (allowed by the most browsers) and close it after you complete your Bank of America online banking session.
  • Try to check the authenticity of Bank of America site, as you can be a prey of "phishing", popular Internet thievery technique based on mocking bank sites to retrieve identities (and finances) from users!

You may be asked to enter your state and location to find a closest Bank of America's branch for you, as some banking operations may require your personal attendance and can't be completed properly online.

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