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To sign in to Google Ads you can use gmail login or any google account login. Google account has one simple feature. In this case we don't need to use this word in plural. When you make your gmail account,for example, you can use your login and password for any of google services.

How to Make a Google account

If you don't know how to get Google account you need to choose one of google products from the list. You can start with making gmail account, but it isn't obligatory, because you can add it to your account anytime.

Google New Account

If you want to make new account on another google web-site you just need to enter your password at the site of another google product such as Google Drive.
As you can see at the picture if you have chosen «stay signed in» gmail account menu you can just choose email from the list (for example your business and your personal email) or you can add new email.

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How to Merge Google Accounts?

In fact, it isn't possible to merge two separate google accounts. But you can transfer data from one account to another on per product basis. As it was noticed before you don't have to create new account to start using other google products.

Google Account Password Recovery

If you don't know how to sign into google account click need help sign. The next step will be choosing the type of problem you have faced with.

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At the next stage google will ask you to enter the last password you remember.
If you have leaved your phone number at your gmail account at the next step Google will offer you to choose if you want to receive the phone call or sms message with a verification code. An you should enter this code.

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At the next stage you will be offered to change google account password. Try not to forget it! Remember that password should be at least 8 characters long using numbers.

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To sum up, Google Account offers you two advantages:

  • One Account for any purpose
  • You can always add new product to your account and transfer your personal data in it

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Login to your Google AdSense with a single click using a handy password manager.

To login to Google Adsense automatically, do the following:

  • Open an Internet Explorer window;
  • Download and install Handy Password;
  • Turn on Handy Password toolbar in Internet Explorer/Firefox;
  • Go to the;
  • Enter your Email and Password;
  • Click the "Save" button on the Handy Password toolbar;
  • Check the "Show on Toolbar" checkbox;
  • Press "Enter".

Now, to login to Google AdSense with a single click, just press the "Google AdSense - username" button on the Handy Password Internet Explorer toolbar.

You can also login to other Google services (Google Mail, Google AdWords) with Handy Password.

Login to your Google AdSense automatically