Tips for Huntington Online Banking Login

This article is about secure sign in and log in to Huntington Bank online banking service. Using instructions and tips provided here, you could quickly set up and use your Huntington Internet banking account, doing every operation Huntington bank allows doing online.

Huntington Online Banking Sign In

Go to and find the picture shown below. Select the "Personal" option (it opens by default). Then sign up the "Username" and "Password" fields with your existing login and password, and click on "Log In" to enter the Huntington online bank service.

Huntington Bank Login

You can also select one of the three other options:

  • If you forgot your login or password, you can click on either the "Forgot Username?" or "Forgot Password?" options below on the panel, to retrieve your personal Huntington sign in data.
  • If you want to enroll to Huntington banking online service, click on the "Sign Up" option just below the "Password" field.

How to Start Using Huntington Bank Online?

In you are newbie in Huntington Internet banking service, then click "Sign up" and register to the service from scratch. You may choose any combination of login and password (though the system warns you if you will choose too "weak" combination).

Huntington Online Banking Account

Note: Huntington bank online sign in is available for existing clients of Huntington only!

However, we are strongly recommending you not using any of your personal data, especially well-known in public, to set up as parts of login or, particularly, password. This question touches the matter of security for your personal savings!

Huntington Bank Login and Password Retrieving

Huntington client can retrieve his or her personal data using the "Forgot Username?" or "Forgot Password?" links. It opens a form with an instruction and data to retrieve your Huntington online banking password securely.

All you need is to confirm your Huntington user id, so Huntington web banking service may be sure that you are you. See "Identity Protection" on Huntington main page for more actual information about security.

Dealing with Credit Cards

As just nearly all of Internet banking services, Huntington bank can use VISA or MasterCard for financial operations. To secure it you must to be sure that your card has CVV code, a 3-digit numeric code typed often on one side of your credit card.

All the Matters of Security

As one of industry leading Internet banking services, Huntington provides some reliability for your investments or money-transferring procedures. But to be sure that all you do can achieve security, just use some simple rules:

  • Do not use Huntington bank login to online banking service from public computers without taking extra security measures such as deleting all the cookies after quit;
  • Do not allow your personal data to leak into other hands;
  • Avoid "phishing" sites masking for Huntington logon page just to steal your personal data;
  • Do not use "auto fill" or "password saving" options when registering or signing into your bank accounts! If your computer device will be stolen or somebody have any other unwanted access to it, your data may be compromised.
  • Change your Huntington Online Banking user id and password on a regular basis.

When you want to keep your personal data stable and securely, these are some utilities to help you, such as Handy Password. Using these utilities, you can keep any number of personal registration data, such as your Huntington account, with a significant degree of stability.

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