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Small business account

PNC Small business account is the type of PNC Online Banking account accustomed to the needs of small business. PNC small business online banking can be managed using the same account as the personal banking. PNC small business account also can be merged with your personal banking account.

PNC small business service offers your business new opportunities to make conducting of financial operations easier and faster for you and for your clients. You can make your invoicing automatic which can make a process of paying less time-consuming for your customer.

PNC Small Business Digital Records

Small Business Records

PNC small business banking allow you to run your documentation all paperless. After registration you will get an opportunity to have an access to all of your bills, plans, receipts, contracts with a single click. PNC small business banking also gives you unlimited storage for your documents.

Merging of accounting and banking system that allows you to save time because now you accounting software and you PNC small business. Cash Flow insight will contain aggregated data. Setting the goals is also one of the important part of business success. PNC small business online banking is also appropriate for goal setting, because you can use your performance data for analysis of your business activity.

PNC Small Business Checking

PNC small business also provides transparency for the people who are in charge of competent advising in your organization. PNC small business banking also useful to view the dynamics of your financial activity, that is vital for your business.

To sum up there are three important opportunities given by the PNC bank:

  • Easier financial operations for you and your clients
  • Merging of your accounting and banking data
  • Transparency for advisors


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