How to Login to Bancolombia Internet Banking

Step by step instruction:

a) Find Bancolombia internet bank's website. If you phone them, somebody replies the phone will be aware. It may be that anyone at the bank will tell you through setting up an internet account. If not, it's handy.

b) Set up an internet account. You will require a login and password. Your login may be anything you desire. It might be your own name, a alias or a made up name. As long as you can keep in mind it, it does no difference. Now you require a password. The password is what gives you access to your account. Create your password a slip of letters and symbols that exclusively you and another holders of your bank account remember. Don't save your password on a sticky paper and keep in near your notebook monitor. Don't put it to your desk. And do not never provide it to anyone who requires, whether on the cell phone or in your email. Even as if the person claims he is from your bank, he is not. He attempts to obtain rights to your Bancolombia internet bank account. Safeguard your password and send it to no one.

c) Collect your daily bills together. All the bills you would usually pay with a check, cover and stamp are now going to get paid electronically.

d) Go to Bancolombia internet bank's site. You will see dozens of options there. Pick and click on the one that says "Create automatic invoice pay". You can have to click on "Customer Service" first and then "Create bill pay". Once you see the bill pay section, seek "Create Payee".

e) You will now discover a box with a dollar sign in front of it. Enter the amount of the invoice you are repaying. Be sure to type each number in precisely as you see it on the invoice. Be confident your decimal point is in the correct position. You do not desire to send the program company $4500 if you only owe them $450. The computer monitor looks much like a check. You have a payee, an amount and a row to put the charge.

f) Now enter the date you want the dollars to arrive at your loaner's department. Commonly enter the date it is due as you see it on the invoice. Sometimes this is a weekend or holiday. Just keep creating the date a day before till it is taken by the computer. Do this for each invoice you wish to pay.

g) Write the operation down in your check book if you wish to keep a paper data.

h) At any moment, you may return back to your internet bank account and see what you need paid and if it has been submitted yet. As a rule you may see your present sum. Opportunities are you can get records online as well and even get a weekly email message notifying you what transactions took place in the last 24 hours and your present balance. Bancolombia internet banking is simple and economizes you much required funds at the same moment.

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