Pinterest Sign Up: How to Create Pinterest Account

Signing up to Pinterest allows user to experience the website and mobile app to its fullest. This article will provide all the essential information one needs to successfully sign up to Pinterest account.

Pinterest is a large social media and mobile application that allows people to create boards - folders for files and save unlimited number of pictures from the Internet - pins - to these boards. You will always know the source of the image since the link to it is always placed under the image, alongside with pictures similar to original.

All you have to do to start working with Pinterest is to follow our guide!

How to Create a New Pinterest Account
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How to Create a New Pinterest Account

To sign up to Pinterest you will need to have one of the things:

If you got any of these, you've all set to go. Launch home page - the window suggesting you to sign up will appear automatically. All you have to do is to pick one method on how you would like to sign up.

Pinterest sign up using email address and password

To sign up to Pinterest, you will need to come up with a unique name (name can be changed in any moment after registration)

When you're done with your username, type your email address into the blank field and create a password. The password for Pinterest should be _ characters long and it's better if you will include upper case, numbers and special characters like @, %, & and others. This will make your password strong and invulnerable to hacker attacks.

Tip: If your Pinterest Account was compromised or lost, here you can learn what to do to restore your Pinterest Account password.

Click "Continue" when you're done. You will be redirected to the customization page.

Pinterest Sign Up Using Facebook Account

Signing up to Pinterest with Facebook is fast and beneficial as you will be able to share images you've pinned with your Facebook friends in a few clicks. Click "Continue with Facebook", a new window will show up, suggesting you to login on Facebook. After typing correct email/phone and password, click "Log in" and the window will close automatically, refreshing Pinterest main page to customization page.

Sign Up and Login to Pinterest Using Google Account

Sign up and Login to Pinterest with Google: Gmail, click "Continue with Google". A new dialog window will appear, asking you to log into your Google Account. To do this, you will need to type your Gmail address and password. After you're done with it, the window will disappear and the Pinterest home page will refresh.

Tip: if you don't have Google Account, but want to have one, check out our guide on how to sign up to Gmail.

After you registered, Pinterest will offer you to create a name for account and will ask you to pick some themes that you prefer to customize your Pinterest home page with images that interest you personally. You can change your preferences and add more later. Then, system will suggest you to create and name your first board, but you can skip this step and add a board when you will need one.

Already have Pinterest Account? Check out how to login to Pinterest

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